Productivity Technique

While reading through the post in Quora, I found the below technique and its very useful for everyone to improve the productivity at the work place. We can also combine this technique with the podomoro technique to get the maximum result

The steps are given below,

1. Take a paper and draw rectangles which represents 25 minutes block as much as you want
2. Write down what do you want to achieve in that rectangle. Prioritize the tasks accordingly
3. Tick them once it is completed.

How to follow this,

1. Take the first rectangle and take the set of tasks one by one
2. Then Run the timer and work on those tasks and have a mind set to finish those task within 25 mins.
3. Once the time is over, then tick all the tasks that are completed and move the unfinished tasks to the next rectangle
4. Take a break for 5 or 10 mins
5. Continue to work on [Steps 2 to 5] until you finish all the tasks

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