Create private function in AngularJs controller

If we want to create a private function inside an AngualrJS controller file, then we should prefix the function with _ symbol. Refer the below example.

class customerController {    
	// when landing on the page, get all customes and show them
	constructor($scope, $http) {
		 this.$http = $http;
		 this.customers = this._formatCustomers(this.getCustomers());
    getCustomers() {
              method: 'GET',
              url: `/api/customers`
          }).then(response =>;				
    _formatCustomers(data) {
       //You can put some logic here to format the customer data.           

angular.module('myApp').controller('customerController', customerController);

In the above example, customerController has two functions. They are getCustomers and _formatCustomers. Note that the first one is public and the later is private which can be accessed only within the controller js file.

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