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Usb Drive – Data is hidden – Solved

Sometime we may not be able to view the contents of an USB drive. Please follow below step to get it resolved

Open a command prompt and type the below command. This command will make all the folders and files are visible to the users.

COMMAND:  attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*

h – hidden files
s – system files
r – read only files
/s – Processes all files in that path
/d – Processes all folders in that path
– symbol is used to clear the attribute. For example If we give attrib -h index.txt, then index.txt will be visible to all users
Please note that e refers your USB drive directory.

MAVEN – Reduce build time in local enviornment

In most of the Java projects, Maven is being used as a build tool. We use “mvn –U install” command to build the project. While building the project, the maven will download the dependent jars (mentioned in POM.xml file) from the project specific repository/maven repository. Once the build is completed, then all the downloaded jars will be stored in local machine(C:/Users/<>/.m2).

Please run .m2 command on the Run window and check it out.

This kind of build process will take more time as it needs to download all the jars. But this is not required all the times. We can use the downloaded local jars available in the local repository for building the project in the next time

To do that we need to pass –o option while building our project. For example, mvn –o install. This will speed up our code build time.