OpenStack CURL API Commands

I have recently worked with OpenStack and used the OpenStack API to create/delete container and upload objects.

In this post, I am going to give the commands used for that.

You would need to get an auth token first to use the Openstack API’s. To get the Auth token you again need an API call but for which you would need to pass username and password. I am not going to give that API call here. If you want, please refer the openstack documentation. Same goes for getting the OPENSTACK_OBJECT_STORE_URL. The Openstack auth token response header contains both the auth token and object store(Swift) public URL. Get those details and replace it in the below command.

Creating a container


Deleting a container



Uploading an object

curl -X PUT \
-H "X-Auth-Token: ${OPENSTACK_AUTH_TOKEN}" \
--data-binary "@${LOCAL_FILE_PATH}/${FILE_NAME}"

Deleting an object

curl -X DELETE \