Free Flowchart Drawing Tools

I have wanted to create a simple flowchart diagram to depict an application flow. As I don’t have Visio installed in my system, I have looked for an alternative tool and found few tools.

lucidchart is good tool but it has limited features in the free version. So at the maximum we can create 3 active documents and the maximum number of objects is 60. So if you want to create a small diagram, then it’s an excellent tool. Here is the link: lucidchart

Google Drawings is an another tool and its free as well. Here is the link: Google Drawings

There is an another excellent tool Its really good moreover its free. As my flow diagram is a big one, I have decided to use this but only drawback is you can’t export all the pages as like lucidchart. So you have to export the page one by one as image and add those images in a MS word document then convert it into PDF.

If you don’t want to use online and really want a offline tool, then YED is a good tool. YED